Visit her at:
N 42 .02.730'x8730.888'
8.17  miles off Sheridan Rd./Evanston Beach

This section is dedicated to the Mack, and contains a variety of image types.  The Panorama's are in either QuickTime or Java format and are available in two versions: Detailed and Standard (my terminology.)  The detailed images can be zoomed in over 200%, so you can pick out a lot of features.  The Standard version is a MUCH smaller file size, but can only be zoomed about 125% before quality goes out the window.  I hope you enjoy these views of what will be Chicago's ultimate shipwreck!!!!! Watch for more photos, panoramas, and video clips.  Don't forget to make your donation today!`s Wreck CamThis area is constantly being updated - new images, panoramas and more! Some history...Dec. 15th '02- Took over 900 photos, strictly for Panoramic images. I took another 100 on April 15th, '03. On the day of the sinking, I shot some spectacular video from a bow mounted video camera.  Videos (uploaded in July-04) my exclusive "Wreck Cam" footage and a compilation of the trip out and the sinking.

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These photos were taken on Nov. 23rd and Dec. 15th. The Mack was scheduled to be sank within a week of each of these dates. In November more regulatory issues came up. In December it's the waves. Finally on April 10, 2003 she made a perfect, text-book sinking and now rests upright on the bottom in about 80 feet of water.

A few comments on the Mack.  The first think that hits you is the SIZE of this thing. If you're a Chicago area diver, you've probably been on the Material Service Barge.  This ship is about 40 feet shorter - but 10 feet wider.  It's also almost 3 times taller!  Sure, the MSB has it's cargo areas, but that's about all of the inside any diver sees.  Not this puppy.  We're talking total access here.

Numerous rooms or all sizes, two huge coal bunkers, a massive engine room, huge boiler room, passages, kitchen, two dining areas and more!  This is not a one or two tank wreck my friends - it's a full summer of diving!  The engine room and boiler room extend upwards four stories!!!!

You can spend two tanks and never get below decks, than spend two more just on the engine room and boiler room!  Now, seeing as the Mack will be in 80+ feet of water, you're really limited in time.  Since this is being sank with safe diving in mind, there are access holes cut over each of the rooms.  Yes, some poor people were stuck cutting these openings in 1" thick steel - and enlarging them after she sinks -  rectangular openings large enough for a diver to pass through comfortably. Where possible, they're over every single room. Some interior rooms are just too deep in the ship to have direct surface access - especially the area around and below the chain locker. These areas are for experienced wreck divers.

Divers are going to have a blast on this shipwreck. It will be the absolute best dive in the area!

Our virtual tour will be complete soon. Panoramas in virtually every compartment and doorway, above and below decks, plus many individual shots and even some video.

[Deck] [Main Deck Structure] [Bow Area] [Engine Room] [Kitchen] [Other]

Photos were taken with permission of the Tim Early Foundation and the Mackinac project.